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Thursday, May 15, 2008

E. J. H. Corner

Mabberley, D. J. (1999) Edred John Henry Corner, C. B. E. 12 January 1906-14 September 1996. Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society

"Important in his later career was the interest that he took in figs (Ficus, Moraceae), of which he published preparatory accounts of some of the Malayan species in 1933 and 1939."

"At Cambridge, Corner built on his account of figs in Wayside trees, elaborating a classification of the genus Ficus, although his account of the Malesian species remains unpublished beacuse he fell out with the editors of Flora Malesiana. Some of his type specimens are deposited in the Cambridge University herbarium. In concentrating on so large a genus, he saw clearly, as he did in his seed work, the 'grades' of classification and the importance of clades that underpin modern phylogenetic work."

"In figs, his greatest alpha-taxonomic group, it was the development of the leaf venation that opened up new insights."

than just quoting from the paper, perhaps it's better for me to interpret and analyze. As I looking through the Flora Malesiana for figs, keep coming across Corner's name, so decided to read his biography and I was captivated.

He is a man who devoted his life to furthering knowledge. The paper helped introduce me to the man behind the papers and books and names. Through the paper, you could see Corner as a son, student, as a botanist, Professor and conservationist.


David Tng said...


I am a fan of Corner too. Indeed, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Wished more botanists were like him these days. You might be interested in reading about his Durian Theory or his classic book on the Natural History of Palms, if you haven't already read about it.


the worm said...

Hi David! Thanks for dropping by! I will look out for Corner's classic book and the Durian Theory. I have not read about them yet. :)

I really enjoy reading his papers. His casual style makes it so much easier than others! :)